JJosh is Hands in Motion's newest R&B artist. Gifted with experience in performing and captivating his audiences, he is here to reach his dream of being a universally recognized name. 

Born in Okinawa, Japan to his military father and proud mother, JJosh has always shown signs of having musical passion. His mom claims he was singing in his sleep as early as 3 years old and was even able to remix vocals in the shower before reaching 10. 

JJosh's family support is what inspired him to audition and  practice vocal training at an early age upon arriving to Tampa, FL. He has created a name for himself in the Tampa performing arts community and the people who hear him always see big things in his future.

He competed in a local singing competition, Italian Idol, twice at 11 and 12. That’s when he first became known to Hands in Motion Music. Producer Lannie Battistini happened to be judge during the second year’s competition. Moved by his unusually youthful yet soulful voice, it was known that JJosh was nothing to laugh at. “This kid is gonna be a hit,” producer, composer, and sound engineer Lannie Battistini recalls thinking upon his first sight of JJosh’s performance.

An old soul with young charm, he became a proud artist under Hands in Motion, which now allows his music to flourish like never before. JJosh is determined to bring feeling into his music career and do it in a way that nobody else can replicate. His artistic integrity and originality, with the help of Hands in Motion Music, has no limit.


His first single, Remake "7 Years," is a cover of the 2015 hit single by singer and songwriter Lukas Graham. "I really loved this song when it came out. It speaks to me. Lukas Graham became one of my favorite songwriter after that," JJosh says about the newest single. JJosh worked with arranger and producer, Lannie Battistini and his sound engineering skill set, to bring the song into R&B with nostalgic vocals. 


With the encouragement of his producer and label, we are proud to provide JJosh his first step to reaching people with his own unique style of R&B flair.


"This kid is gonna be a hit." ~Lannie Battistini Grammy Award Winning Pianist, Arranger, and Producer 

"I loved this song when it came out. I wanted to do an RnB fusion." ~JJosh


7 Years